Monday, December 27, 2010


To some New Years Eve is a night to stay at home with good friends and good food. For other New Years is a time to celebrate in style. Well whatever it is you choose her are some ideas for you New Years celebration whatever it may be.

Lighting: Weather you want candles for your dinner tables or festive lights for your party, they are both important in setting a mood.

Decor: Adding some decorations will put you as well as your guests in the party mood. It can be simple from putting down special linens and flowers to hanging garlands, disco balls, feathers and other creative decorations.

Food: This is the time to shine and make a full on feast or tasty treats for your guests.

Drinks: Signature cocktails are always a way to ring in the new year with some creativity and wit.

Props: Hats, noise makers, confetti or whatever you dream up will add excitement to you New Years count down.

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