Friday, July 8, 2011


As for last weeks or shall I say the last two week assignment. I look at flowers continually and though it may be a rose or some kind of shrub there are always variations in color, size, and shape. Everything in nature has its own unique qualities. Just why no person is the same.
This was more of a thinking assignment and I plan to try and keep this one going. Always looking at and appreciating our differences, rather than our similarities.

Contour Drawing
Pick an object, let's say a shoe. Put the point of your pen, pencil or other drawing tool on the paper in front of you. Determine where that point is on your shoe. Believe that the pencil will faithfully follow the outlines and details of the shoe, as the eye does. The eye must mover very slowly, the same speed as the pencil - simultaneously.
Do it three different ways.
Start at the top of the object and draw down to its base.
Start at the bottom and go up.
Start at one corner and draw to the opposite.

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