Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peonies, Olives and Llamas, Oh My!

The farm is Cheateau CharMarron Peony Gardens, the home of Monte Carlo Tuscan Olive Oil as well as a llama farm.  The reason I was there was that I went to go pick up a special peony bush to add to my garden of cut flowers that I will be using for the various events I will be doing this coming year. 

Maria the owner was great and showed us around the peony gardens as well as the olive groves which they were harvesting today. The weather was sunny and a bit windy however that didn't effect the beauty of this place that was set high in the East Bay hills looking over the bay and surrounding area. 

Another thing I discovered is that when all her peonies bloom you can come and buy the stalks! So, if you or you know of anyone getting married in April or May, I will be up there picking the most amazing flowers...which would be perfect for a wedding. 

Enough chat here are the photos:

If you want more information on the farm click {here}

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