Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Decor

With the holidays upon us we will have be having or attending some kind of holiday festivity. SoI have gathered some examples and items from etsy to decorate for the holidays with. They may not be your traditional decorations but they will add some festive cheer none the less.

Here is our colorful holiday decor with some green elements to it.
A. Use a fallen tree branch with ornaments for a table centerpiece that doesn't get in the way.
See other great ideas from The Bella Life Blog
B. A wreath made from holiday cards!
C. Colorful French Macarons from Sparkles Kitchen
D. Soft blue bowls from Up In The Air Somewhere
E. A festive mobile, Pukapu
A modern metallic holiday
a. Mirror Mosaic Wreath
b. Brass reindeer, High Street Market
c. Beautiful metalic bowls, Syma Small Works
d. A lobby in a Paris hotel


  1. I also love the color the chairs in the first picture!

  2. Thanks for featuring my vintage reindeer! I'm in such good company! Merry Christmas!!

    High Street Market