Friday, May 20, 2011

Art Friday

As I started this business, I wasn't sure where it would go but I knew I wanted it to be something unique. The vision is starting to become clearer as time goes on and the deeper I dive into this whole entrepreneurial and art world. Lately I have met so many creative people in various stages of their careers who are so inspirational and in turn motivate me to do more.

Along those lines here are two artist that I recently discovered that are doing some unique things with their art.

Hattie Newman - I discovered her on DesignSponge. Her art is playful and colorful and is oozing creativity.  Her work is used in a variety of ways from sets, print to events. Something to aspire to for sure.

From Japan the world of Ikebana is Hiroyuki Kado a artist who uses florals to create pieces that are sculptural as well as architectural.

Green-eco chic, March 2009 (Love the BDDW mirrors to the right)

Just love this one and the interesting use of leaves. 

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